Habiviron, Sweet Habiviron

In sector 8-0's Habiviron Jo-Y, Gramps is complaining to Andy about the new addition to the unit group, Brat. He's horrified to hear that a second diminibeing will be joining them. Brat hopes it will be another boy to play laser blazer games with, but Mother confirms that it will be a girl. Andy is looking forward to her civilising influence.

At the Efficiecenter, 72 Batch 19Y is issued with her egothenticity card, before being transitized to Jo-Y. Her arrival initially goes unnoticed, as Andy is busy holding apart Brat and Gramps. Once she interrupts them, Andy makes her welcome, and she's pleased to hear Brat has the same batch code as her, but he just wants to know where his male diminibeing is. Nevertheless, he agrees to show her her room while Andry reprimands Gramps for letting 80H - the bureaubeing for the sector - find his teapot.

Brat complains to 72 about the inefficient habiviron he's ended up in, but he can't return to the diminibeing colony now that redistribution has been computed. 72 admits to wishing she had a brother like oldworld families used to, but Brat is disappointed when she turns down his suggestions for games.

Gramps leaves to avoid the imminent arrival of 80H, while Andy prepares the new diminis for inspection. 72 is upset to find her egothenticity card is missing, and wonders if it means she'll be sent back to the diminicolony, which she had liked. Unfortunately, the situation is worse than that - the penalty is obliviation. 80H then arrives in a cloud of smoke, a menacing figure in black armour. Andy tries to conceal the loss of 72's card, but Mother detects the deception. 80H takes off his helment to be revealed as a thoroughly unthreatening bespectacled man, but he still insists that 72 must be obliviated if she can't find the card within 24 tocks.

At the bureauoffice, 80H complains about his wobbly chair to his assistant 40D, and wonders what to get his female compatibeing for her batchday. Gramps then arrives to be reprimanded, but convinces Sid (as 80H used to be know) to have one last cup of tea before obliviating the teapot. The fate of a little girl concerns Gramps more than that of the teapot, but 80H insists that he has to follow the program.

To cheer 72 up, Andy gives her a name - Luna, because she was batched on the moon. They then go off to look for the card. The Erroneously Misplaced Beings Bureau directs them to the Erroneously Misplaced Matter Module, but though it claims 100% efficiency at finding lost things, it doesn't have the card. It must therefore have been stolen! Unfortunately, without her card she can't prove her identity to the Feloniously Misappropriated Felonies Force, so is unable to report the theft.

Back at the habiviron, Gramps expounds upon how great it is that they're getting rid of Luna, suggesting to Brat that it saved them the trouble of stealing the card. Brat looks guilty. Meanwhile, Andy and Luna arrive at the bureauoffice. Tock's up, and as she hasn't found her egothenticity card, Luna is ordered in to the Obliviator...

First broadcast 5:15pm, Sat 22 Jan

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