Happy Batch Day Dear Luna

While Gramps teaches the diminibeings to play snap, Andy receives his daily infogive from Mother. She informs him that Brat is inefficiently out of dimension - and that Luna's batch change is due in three tocks. Andy is delighted at this news, but the others fail to see what the big deal is, until he explains that it's a cause for a celebration. Gramps warms to the idea, describing what birthday parties used to be like. Luna gets very excited, until she realises that she doesn't have a party frock. But her acquaintence Phasa from the eduviron knows everything about clads, and Andy is sure he can get her the necessary clad credits.

80H has summoned Brat to deal with his lack of fitness, an aggravation he doesn't need with the big pedeospherical match between Sector 80 and Orion United coming up, and his intertalk shooting orange squirt in his face. Brat accidentally reveals that he was the one who tampered with the cross-phase factor of the intertalk.

Gramps and Luna attempt to bake a cake, but it's not going well. Veg-oil pellets for margarine, fractose extract pills for currants, and they've forgotten the flour - Jazzmine supplies some daisies, which Gramps concedes is as close as they'll get. A proper egg they can manage, albeit with a cuboid shell, but the cake is clearly unsalvagable.

When 80H arrives for a bureaubeing visitation, Andy asks him for clad credits and is immediately turned down. He has more important things to worry about - with the pedeospherical match in only three tacks, his key striker is down with a fractured femur. Gramps is eager to join the game, but the computer has chosen Brat. Gramps follows Brat and 80H to the exercise room, where 40D demonstrates that she's by far the fittest.

Phasa has brought her cladalogue, and Luna tries a series of clad simulations. Unfortunately, the far out designs in Phasa's collection aren't what she was hoping for, and she doesn't believe she'll be able to get the credits anyway. Andy convinces her he'll be able to win 80H around this time, but his eloquent appeal falls on deaf ears - 80H and the others have fallen asleep at their exercise equipment, exhausted. They can still have a party, though - and Jazzmine points out that Andy's old costume collection could be useful. He doesn't have much suitable for a girl, though, just a very plain dress.

40D, Gramps, Brat, and 80H practice for the match, with the bureaubeing simultaneously talking to the Galactic Coordinator. He's reminded that the honour of the sector is in his hands.

On Luna's batch day, 80H practices a pep talk for the upcoming match. But Brat has broken out in stripes - it must have been something he ate. Meanwhile, Jazzmine is attempting to program the food dispensor for birthday food, and Phasa is making alterations to Luna's dress. But with Andy attemping to describe the cake and the dress at the same time, confusion is inevitable...

Guest Cast

Phasa - Josephine Melville

First broadcast 5:15pm, Sat 12 Feb

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