Frequently Asked Probings

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Where can I get a copy of Luna?

The series has not yet been released on commercial DVD or VHS, so you'll need to find off-air recordings of the original 80s broadcast. Unfortunately, there are probably not many of those around.

The most likely source for a DVD release appears to be Network DVD, who have the rights to most ITV productions. It wouldn't hurt to write them a letter asking about the show; they cannot comment on potential releases due to confidentiality agreements and the risk of upsetting negotiations over rights, but its certainly worthwhile to let them know there's an audience out there. An actual printed letter is likely to carry much more weight than email. Write to them at:

Network DVD
6 Solar Way
Innova Park
Great Britain

Where was Luna shown?

Aside from Britain, the only screenings we're aware of were in New Zealand. Season one was shown at 5pm Wednesdays from the 12th of February 1986, while season two was shown on Fridays from the 6th of November 1987. If you saw it anywhere else, please tell us!