One of the most memorable elements of Luna was its opening theme. The theme is sung by a young woman, most likely Patsy Kensit. It actually sounds pretty cool, which is a relief as we had been concerned it wouldn't live up to our memories of fifteen years earlier.

Once upon a time, a trillion tackits ago,
The moonbase batching semi had a prime slime for growth.
They mixed it, whisked it, hatched it, to the critical pie,
They checked it, cooked it, booked it, tagged it Batch 19 Y.
The incubated intermix was linked for Eight Oh,
For a sector on the Efficiecity, glimmering below.
It was habiviron Mabel on a domicile course,
With the female batch diminibeing - Luna, of course.

Lyric Ident - Colin Bennett
Music Ident - Chris Tookey and Michael Dolenz

This our best guess at a transcription of the lyrics. Some of the words are very hard to make out, and this transciption is probably wrong in places. Please email us if you have any suggestions on what the lyrics should be. Some of the possible alternative transcriptions are "prime slime for grow" or "slime to grow", "critical path", "cryptical pie", "sector on the main stream", and "domicile core".

The end credits are accompanied by an instrumental version of the same tune, followed by a short scene (an epilogue for the episode, essentially), then a final musical fade out. A quote we included in an earlier version of this section ("Tedium tocks in the viron prompt Jo-oy to programme habitel limbs at the saline") is not part of the theme song after all; we're not sure where it does belong, as it doesn't sound like dialog either. Perhaps it came from an episode description, or maybe someone just made it up as an example of techno talk.

Download the Luna Theme

We have two sound files of the Luna theme to download. The first version has the opening and closing themes, including the epilogue. This recording is from a season two episode, and includes 50 seconds of dialog, mostly from an unidentified guest character. The second version is a cut-down file with just the opening theme, but in stereo.