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Let us know what you remember about Luna... anything from vivid details to vague half-formed recollections, about the show itself or your reaction to it. Favourite moments, images that have stuck in your mind, the way you used to argue with your brother about which channel to watch. Don't worry if you're not sure how accurate your memory is; it doesn't matter, distortions of reality can be as interesting as faithful reminiscences.

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Nik - 10 March 2017

I remember the show quite well. At the time of the second series I had still been 21 but had been fascinated with the show concept. I do still remember the odd techno-speech used by the characters which had drawn me to the show - the term "diminibeing" still cracks me up even today. A long forgotten show which is in need of remembrance, and in need to be shown again. Nonetheless, I cannot find any copies on DVD or other formats. What a shame!

Damon - 2 July 2016

I remember Brat listening to swishy sounds on his earphones which were meant to be futuristic music ... Gramps didnt think much of it preferring his old Haircut One Hundred LP

Rob Lawrence - 2 March 2016

My band 5X0D were INSPIRED by LUNA back in the day (when we were both in our early 20s)- and used video recordings I had of it, in one of our recordings!

On the 5X0D soundcloud look for track 49 'Occasional Clarity' to hear.

We still find ourselves inspired by it and continue to shamelessly plug the series.

We also followed Patsy's musical career with her band Eighth Wonder - I think I bought most of the 12 inches they released!

Many thanks and - LUNA 4EVER!

Jennifer (with your orange hair) - 16 May 2015

This was a very futuristic program to me, and I feel that it would still, very much have quite a relevance today in 2015. Childrens tv today is largely Dumbed down and not thought provoking, and that's a shame when you think about the fact that it was late 1982 when this show was being video'd, and shows were made back then to help young people think more, look outside the box much more, And to Question all around them. Luna's a brill example of the distopian comedy genre, and I'd like very much to see this tv show again as I was 10 when I first saw it, and I'd like to review it with more mature eyes now.

Jonny - 9 August 2014

I only have a vague rememberence of the early Patsy Kensit episodes... The phrase, "Happy Batchday" and the trilling noise made by Jazzmine are the strongest memories i have of this show but i remember loving it at the time and having a huge crush on Patsy Kensit.

Thank you for providing a brilliant source of Luna knowledge. No-one else seemed to remember this show and i was beginning to doubt my sanity! Sadly i can find no video clips of this anywhere on the net which is rather unusual these days as every other show from my childhood can be relived by simply typing the title into the youtube search engine... I wonder if there has been a deliberate effort to remove any footage for some reason?

Stephen - 24 March 2014

I remember Patsy Kensit in this show, but strangely not much lf the show itself. I think Patsy was my first major tv crush when i was 13 and watching this...

Roger - 20 March 2014

I think some of the cast appeared in character on a children's TV show of the time - can't remember which one - asking viewers to suggest new bits of technotalk - I particularly remember Brat (Aaron Brown) requesting a word to describe the fluff he removed from the back of Andy (Colin Bennett)'s neck!

On the subject of Andy, I have a memory of him having to wear a dress, as his batch code indicated that he was actually a female android!

Nigel - 4 September 2013

Like many of the male fans of Luna, I was hopelessly in lust with Patsy Kensit. Of course, now a 14 year old in a dress that short would have the PC brigade up in arms (and I'm not sure that they would be wrong now!) but back then I was also 14, so I just thought she was totally sexy! Apart from the hormone excitation, this was a seriously inventive and thought provoking programme, and above all a funny one.

Echoing everybody else on this site....Please please please can I see it again????

Alan - 24 August 2013


I thought other readers might like to know that, if you're in London, you can go and watch Episode 3 of Luna, at your leisure, at the BFI Mediatheque.

Just turn up, book a booth and away you go.

I went and watched it myself the other day. The acting was a bit different to how I remember it but the script was much more political!

Thanks for the info, Alan! - felice

Darren Maher - 26 March 2013

I have often remembered this show and then found myself wondering. If I'd imagined it, really wish I could watch it again.

Chizoola dodi - 24 February 2013

1983, early, around january i think? Citv had just started with with matthew kelly in his cockpit of changing colours. Luna is a very clever show, in a way educational on a deeper level?.

It's so memorable to me, the technotalk and beaurocracy gone wild patsy kensit jazzmine, a very vivid show, with great characterization ala colin bennet, i remember (i think?) bennets android breaking down, he opens himself up and goes all funny etc. I like old futures! Long live luna a lovley futuristic and fun show xo.

Scotty - 7 September 2012

I have been trying to remember what this was for the best part of 20 years!...After having a morning off I suddenly thought...I can sit here and search the internet (oh the joys of the internet) Anyway after an hour or so I finally found it (I was searching space - vacatox as this is all I could remember!) and after putting in vacatocks it appeared in front of me...WOW!...I never knew that it was Patsy Kensit...Anyway I have now spent nearly 48 hours trying to find a few to watch...I can't even find a clip!....Surely someone somewhere must have some, I haven't seen this for 30 years and would really love to watch it again....HELP! Until then I will not give up trowling the net ( if you can help)

Andy (lucky old me named after a character from the show) - 25 December 2011

My first memory of the show was "When did you last see your Pater Batch Mix Donor" and the custard pies at the end and being VERY frustrated that Patsy Kensit did not get pied! (This being in the era of Game For A Laugh when women were regularly shown flanning their husbands/boyfriends and giggling and getting away with it ad nauseam - as indeed done by 40D to 80H in that scene).

Was it because Luna was "too nice" to be pied? If so, I totally disagree. I think the proof of the pudding of her niceness would have been if they HAD got Luna with a custard pie and she had taken it in good humour and laughed sweetly - then that would PROVE that she was genuinely sweetness and light, surely?

Otherwise keep up the good work and how about more on season 2 and "It Isn't How You Vict or Slunk But How You Co-participate?" Great memories - Luna 2's contest against Gruzilla, my namesake organising some cheerleading for her, Luna2 telling the defeated Gruzilla that she would be happier if she were nice to people ... classic.

CB1979D (geddit?)

kerry armstrong - 10 August 2011

i liked this, i was 10. Very different and thought provoking. Always remember the epilogue and that sizzly sound. Vibrant and modern and did'nt patronize children. Jasmine always stuck in my mind being a spikey orange being. All good. I'd buy this on dvd if it were released.

Andrew - 24 May 2011

I remember being fascinated by Patsy Kensit's chest in the tight clothes! Had a proper crush on her. I wouldn't have remembered the name of the show though. I'm about the same age as her by the way!

Mike Robinson - 19 December 2010

Seems I'm not alone in finding my first fantasy bride-to-be watching Patsy in Season 1 - even though a whole year her senior! I wrote of for and got a signed photo of her back then which I treassured as only a 15 year old in love can! I was mesmerised an entranced from then, Through 'Absolute Beginnners' and Eight Wonder. Watching 'Strictly Come Dancing' over the last couple of months, I wasn't wrong - shame all those music stars cramped my style...

Dazf - 11 March 2010

Crikey!! I can always remember the phrase 'prepare for the bureau being' from when I was a kid, I could never remember what it meant or from where I heard it so I'm sitting here at work and the phrase comes to mind again (I really don't know why!) and I type it in google and hey presto I get a link to this page....Unfortuntely I cannot remember anything from the series, I was born in 1972, I don't even know when it was made but that phrase has stuck with me throughout my life for no apparent reason - I must by crazy, but it's nice to finally find out where the heck it came from and when I get a little more time I'll have to come back and check out this site in its entirety to see if it jogs my memory...happy days!

steph - 24 February 2010

My grandad Frank Duncan played Gramps. Was thinking about him so I googled him and stumbled accross this site. I was about 7 when it was on TV, I used to watch it - I think Batfink was also on before or after as we used to tape it. I wonder if that VHS video is still about somewhere! Great to see other people's memories.

Jason - 5 December 2009

I only watched the first series, but remember I used to get off on the potential knickers-flash from Luna. Oh, only to have that spark returned to my doleful life! ;-)

Wendy - 12 November 2009

I have been babbling like a loon about this show for years and years and years and everyone thinks I made it up, to the point I nearly thought I did! I was very little, but remember thinking of it as a space age, futuristic alice in wonderland. It seemed really magical!

Paul - 25 October 2009

Luna, Luna, Luna.....Y'know this long forgotten bit of nostalgia always lurked at the back of my head. Only vaguely remember it. However, this is for def' a 1980's kids programme i would LOVE to see again. So yeah, please please please....lets see a DVD release of Luna in the near future. And i never knew that it was actress/and former Eigth Wonder singer Patsy Kensit (until now)who played the lead part. I would look forward to seeing this in HMV etc's DVD selections. (fingers crossed)

Jason (jaslee1 * - 13 October 2009

Thought I was alone in the universe remembering Luna. I would look forward to watching the show when I came home from school (Deacons School in Peterborough) I remember it was on at about half past four on Childrens ITV. I dont remember Patsy Kensit from the first series, but remember Joanne Wyatt well from the second series. I liked her, but didnt really get the hots for her until she appeared in a sitcom called Me and My Girl, a couple of years later (her dad was played by Richard O'sullivan from Robins Nest, and Tim Brooke Taylor of the Goodies was in it too). My memories of the show are fairly good. The Bureau Being had a Relaint Robin that ran on Gravi fuel, and in one scene where Luna was sat in class at school, they had a history lesson that was a 10 second montage of rapidly changing images from the 20th Century, ending in nuclear explosion. One boy in the class said "How did they fit it all into one day". I loved the theme tune, but only remembered the last line ...the female batch diminibeing - Luna of course. It was followed by a a cosmic boom.

Absolutely brilliant. "Prepare for the Bureau Being visitation" was sometimes followed by the woman saying "Tra-Laa" in a cheerfl voice. All members of the Habiviron would assemble in a line, and the Bureau Being would arrive through some sliding doors at the top of a flight of stairs. It all goes to show, modern kids TV is largely rubbish. Anyone remember Dramarama and Wattoo Wattoo?

Luke Ross - 27 September 2009

This site still rocks. Do the shows still exist on tape anywhere? - They managed to get Star Fleet released on DVD I reckon Luna has to be worth a go.

Neil (hooley1968 * - 20 July 2009

I remember the cast singing to the tune of 'riding along on the crest of the waves' - 'We're riding along on the tidal displacemnet'. Strangely clever kids TV !!

laura - 1 July 2009

I loved this show and wanted to dress up as Luna after I had watched it. So I would wear white tights, my sister's short dress and a wig which I bought from a fancy dress shop and make up. I am a transvestite now and still love thinking about dressing up as Luna!

Steve F - 1 June 2009

Yeah Marie, I remember that episode. I think 3G had made a model of a VW beetle perfect in every detail and then used something to enlarge it full size. They all got in the car and I seem to remember singing "were porting along on the tidal displacement, with a solar flare up there!" Then they decide to go somewhere but the car wont start. 3G said its perfect and should work, the robot asks about petrol and he says "whats petrol?"

I remember the museum and Gramps looking out of the window. the window had a warning saying "view at own risk" or something similar. gramps asked the android "did I do enought to prevent it?" (the nuclear holocaust outside) and the android answers "seems unlikely"

Also Luna trying to find her birth mother and father. Transiport to Globalviron. she talks to an information kiosk who tells her wandering is inefficient. She is missing and they are trying to decide what to do. The android suggests they mount a posse. 3G asks whats a posse? colin does a cowboy impression on horseback and finally give up and asks mother. "Posse is a colloquialism for small quadruped feline mammals". 3G - "Send a cat for her?" And coming back to the habiviron at the end saying "I was looking for my family, and you are my family" and the android says "but you may not have found your family if you hadnt left it to go looking for it".

Spring arrives. Android says "Its come round again mother!" and mother replies "well stop it before it unscrews itself" and the android plays a recording of all things bright and beautiful.

I dont have the videos, I just remember the program. And the skirt. I was 12. :-) Childrens ITV was introduced by roland rat at the time if I remember and it was him that pointed out micky dolenz was the producer on the series.

You have an excellent memory! 8) - felice

Kerry - 27 May 2009

... another (the 3rd I think) Kiwi reminiscing here. Like many others below the show struck a chord with me and I took it for granted I could just do a search for it on youTube and get it out of my system - alas not the case. Thanks for organising this site. I mainly remember the technospeak 'habiviron' and 'bureaubeing', Gramps the OAP punk (fascinating invention to me at 8 or 9 when it came out in NZ) and of course the darth-vader-esque Bureaubeing - black helmetted and sinister with the scrawny wimp inside.

ACJ (ajones10 * - 19 March 2009

I remember the massage chairs they had - when they sat on them hands came out and massaged their bodies! I also remember Patsy Kensit (although I was too young to fancy her), and Colin Bennett playing an android. But my main memory (which might be a false one) is that they had a special drink with a complicated name (obviously based on the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster from the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy) and my local cheapy shop briefly sold bottles of bright blue and bright green liquid which they pretended was the same thing by writing the name from Luna on the bottle with marker pen.

Simone Dumont - 28 February 2009

Apart from the same things that others have posted I always thought the Bureaubeing was pretty funny especially the scrawny guy with the mustache under that pretty fierce helmet. Also the warnign that came from the computer system - "Prepare for a Bureaubeing visitation, tral lal lal lal lal laaaaaaa" then the klaxons going while the Bureaubeing Transitized.

Josh (scifigene * - 22 February 2009

I watched in 1983 as a diminibeing of 8 and probably understood very little although enough to find the first episode quite threatening. Seem to recall a snatch of dialogue from a later episode in which a character (Brat?) was told to eat up his greens but complained he had already eaten his oranges, whites and blues. More recently I saw Terry Gilliam's Brazil, which jogged my memory of this show as it is also about a future where bureaucracy has gone mad.

Paul Russell (metaliant * - 4 December 2008

I have found your site earlier this year, which was a shock to me as this was one of those shows that I watched as a kid. I can barely remember it.

Jay - 14 August 2008

Can't believe i found a site dedicated to this great but overlooked show, i loved Patsy and Joanne! Happy memories indeed! Bring on the DVD complete with cast interviews and other bonus features!

Andy - 14 August 2008

I remember this show i was so in love with patsy, as i am the same age as her i use to think i would end getting married to her, oh well still a big fan of hers and the show from all those years ago. I have been looking for the show on dvd or video but no luck yet.

Suplex - 15 July 2008

Wahhh, this was my favorite show, you have made me remember it and now I can't watch it. Hang on though, I do work for ITV so I should be able to get the master tapes from Leeds (if they are still there). I bet it's not been put onto beta though.

karl (karluk29 * - 7 June 2008

does anyone know where i could get episodes of this show, my partner (justine jordan) was in the show when she was around 14yo i belive and she has no recordings at all, she worked for central tv so reading up i assume its the second series maybe.

Mark Pickett (mark.pickett * - 23 May 2008

I worked on the second series at Central's Nottingham studios, Luna was actually one of the first shows made in studio 8. I was part of the sound crew, operating a boom and also working on the post production audio. We had a great time creating all the sound effects and have a laugh at Michael (you couldn't call him Micky) Dolenz's outbursts! Happy days...

Steve - 10 May 2008

I remember being into this show as a kid. I won a Luna competition on Tommy Boyd's Saturday show, invented some technotalk and won a radio controlled robot. Can't remember the technotalk, the robot is still in my attic and he still works. They don't build 'em like they used to.....any chance of the dvd coming out?

Jamie - 23 April 2008

Wow. Until this day I never knew my first ever crush was Patsy Kensit! I was only 5 or 6 at the time but I used to fancy her. I wasn't even entirely sure what this programme was called - thank goodness for the Internet :D

I'd love to see this show again. :(

Bob (info * - 12 April 2008

I can't believe I found your site, now I know I didn't have some early fantasy and that the show did exist. A few years back there was a top 100 of kids TV and I got into a conversation with a group of people and no-one remembered it. I then asked everyone I met for months after and still no luck. I really thought I'd imagined the whole thing in a way that kids have imaginary friends. I didn't realise it was Patsy Kensit though and looking at your gallery I don't think I ever saw the second series. I had a serious crush on the main character as well, I would have been 11 in 1983. I wonder if we'll ever see it available on DVD, they don't make kids TV the way they used to.

David Durant (dave * - 10 January 2008

I last saw "When Did You Last See Your Pater Batch Mix Doner" in 1983 (when I was 10) but I still remember this. Luna eventually gets a print out that details who her parents are. Andy asks her if she's going to leave the habiviron to live with them now. She replies - "I don't know them, they don't know me - they probably didn't even know each other. Why would I want to do that?".

karen (starwarsgeek88 * - 23 December 2007

I was over 20 when the show first aired but still loved it. Only remembered what it was called today. My main memory is 'Gramps' saying his favourite band was 'Haircut 100'!

Marie - 14 December 2007

I am sure I recall, at the end of one show, the cast did a version of Ralph Reader's "Rolling along on the crest of a wave", which went something like: "We're rolling along on a tidal displacement with a solar flare up there".

Chris C - 24 September 2007

I'm surprised this has only been shown once in the UK. I remember it quite clearly from watching it as a child (I'm 34 now). Things that stick in my mind, are the Bureau Bloke, with his voice changing helmet, and also the conversation Luna had with Gramps about the old days, when they would spend time riding bikes (I think) and eating butter, much to her disgust !!

Dimension_slider - 11 September 2007

Luna,soo little memories(all damnwell forgotten) I loved the show(like all u guys-espically patsy in her short skirt

Richard Phillips (richard * - 24 August 2007

What i can remember about Luna were the helmets that the actors wore, what were they for?

Ian - 29 May 2007

Thanks so much I knew I wasn't going mad this programme did exist but I didn't know it was Patsy Kensit I was very young. For some reason I couldn't accept the new Luna because she had the same name as the old one and I thought they were the same person with different looks it absolutely terrified me. But the scariest part was seeing Andy with all the circuits on the back of his neck. That traumatised me for years so much so that for ages afterwards I was convinced that Colin Bennett was a Robot when he was on TV with Morph and Tony Hart.

Gary - 20 May 2007

I remember the police having some really wacky uniforms, with (I think) big jagged looking voice changing helmets. I think I remember Colin's 'Andy' character posing as one of these police guys? Hazy memories, but we need a petition for that DVD release...

John Clarke (sanebrain834 * - 20 Jan 2007

I remember Luna fondly and I particularly remember the fact that Patsy Kensit was the first telly girl that made my adolescent hormones go all Leslie Philips, 'Hello??' I also remember being really disappointed when she left; she was the main reason I watched another BBC thing called 'Diana', where she grew up and became Jenny Seagrove. Luna was actually a pretty popular show among my friends at the time, all of whom would use Technotalk. Can I just say I'm really glad to see this site updated too. I tried posting memories last year but they vanished into the ether. Now, how about a push for a DVD release?

Sorry about the missing memories; my ISP must have been playing up - felice

Sue - 23 July 2006

I remember patsy putting her face in a wall machine to get her make up done! and the fluffy alien i think?? and the sets were very colourful and the squidle noise at the end of each ep with the central end cap all good stuff. Love techno talk too what a great invention for 1983 and colin bennett i cannot forget him he made me chuckle a lot - lol.

Ricky Atterby (r_atterby * - 7 July 2006

THANK YOU!! I knew i wasn't going mad by remembering Kensit from a telly show i watched as a little one... All i rally remember about it is her and the "Bing! Bong! Prepare For Bureau Visitation" warning but i was very young. Gonna get myself a look round this site and Notalge my head OFF!!! Cheers..... Ricky

Duncan Bayne (dhgbayne * - 4 July 2006

Just listed Luna on my blog as one of my favourite shows when I was a kid. As with some of the posters here, I had quite a crush on Patsy Kensit at the time. Chris, could I please have your friend's email address? You see, I have this Nigerian relative who has a business proposition that I'm sure would interest him ;-)

Chris Robinson - 24 June 2006

This is great to find a site all about Luna! Whenever I see Patsy Kensit I remember her in Luna. I was 13 when it was on and I had a HUGE crush on Patsy, in fact, I remember convincing a friend (succesfully) that I knew her, and that she was my girlfriend! Unfortunately, apart from Patsy's short skirt, I can't remember much detail now :(
Hopefully we can help to get the DVD out.

Neil Morris - 28 May 2006

I clearly remember the phrase "efficient sun start" which was used instead of "good morning". What brilliant writing. Does anyone have access to any of the scripts?

Check back later for updates to the site; I have a lot more information to put up now, but need to find time to do something with it - felice

Colin Bennett - 13 May 2006

Thanks guys. I didn't think anyone remembered, he said sadly, though I am thilled to read what the other eccentrics (for whom it was written) thought. It's good to know you realised that there was much more to it than we pretended. Colin B.

Brant - 4 February 2006

I seem to be the only one of my pals that remembers this show - I was 9. I can hardly remember anything about it other than Luna was foxy (assume it was the Patsy kensit Luna) and that the boy kid listened to music that was just high pitched noise - always remember Luna if I hear Techno (is my memory correct?)! I note that all of the memorys on this site are from 2001. Whats going on?

Er... oops? Sorry, I got distracted for... a few years... But the site was updated till late 2002, not 2001! - felice

Jeff Usher - 19 December 2005

Probably the first time I fancied a girl on TV... that scene when Luna beamed into the living quarters with those immortal words " Hello, I'm 72 batch 19Y"..... could that skirt actually be any shorter ;-)

VinceH - 9 September 2002

"The last time la-luna, I light my fires and wave it for the new moon on monday..." IIRC, it was forbidden to own records - and I have a *very* vague recollection that Gramps' collection included Duran Duran.

Stephen - 22 August 2002

Hi, thought I was the only one to remember this show. only thing i recall is that line in the lyrics which went somethimg like 'mix it up into a critical pie..?' and her yellow outfit and the fact that Luna was replaced by a new actress in season 2 as Patsy Kensit was no doubt destined for greater things... that's all i remember because i was only about 5 or 6 at the time. also, my older brother seemed to enjoy it more than i did, but then he's straight- unlike me!!

You mean you didn't find Brat incredibly sexy? ;) I'm not straight either, but I don't recall experiencing the attraction to Luna reported by many viewers - felice

Luke Ross - 17 March 2002

I remember one of the episodes in which Colin Bennet's character was having problems of some kind and was trying to recite Hamlet.. ' to be or not to be, that is the quagmire' I laughed for a week, and it still sounds funny today. Love the MP3 of the theme also, oh to be 12 again!

That would probably have been "You're Only As Multi-Tocked As You Perceive", though I could be completely wrong - felice

Christopher Kenworthy (christopherkenworthy * - 17 March 2002

I remeber it being strangely moving.

But I also remember my schoolmates saying it was full of innuendo. There was this famous line, something like, 'Get tea. 40D, big cups.' Which was meant to be a reference to a bra, or something. A friend of mine claimed that it was riddled with this stuff, but I never noticed.

Eeep! I didn't notice when I was a kid either, but I suspect you're right... those batch numbers can't have been accidental - felice

Dave (gallushendo * - 11 January 2002

All I remember, or had forgotten until I stumbled on to this site, was that yellow dress driving my adolescent hormones wild. I think it was the first crush I had. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

Robert Clarkson - 23 December 2001

I was surfing the memories of my youth while simultaneously surfing the web when LUNA dug itself out of my sub-concious (i think "BLOODY HELL!!" was the phrase i used aloud). I instantly wondered if any one else remembered this show or if it was just my diseased mind playing tricks on me, but here you were and what a great site. My only memories of the show was that i loved it and had a MASSIVE crush on Luna (i was only about 9 o.k!!)who i only later found out was Patsy Kensit. I also loved the fuzzy orange pet and the fact that it had that bloke from the BBC1 Art Show Take Hart in it playing an android or something similar. As you can see my memories are vague and patchy but this site helped me fill in the blanks, Thanks.

arty - 1 December 2001

It amazes me that nobody has remarked how sexy she was- especially to a spotty 13 year old which is what I was at the time. I used to sit mesmerized by her lovely legs, praying for a glimpse of her knickers under that short skirt!

anthonyberet - 12 November 2001

I do remember one moment when the family was in a museum (perhaps) looking at models of lambs, and thinking they were cute. One of the dimini's asked "what were they for?", and Gramps said they used to eat them, -well acted grossed-out looks from Luna and Brat...

Dante (NuclearYeti * - 6 November 2001

Hello from New Zealand! I think "Luna" was a fantastic show; it screened here in about 1984, I was about 7 or 8. The theme tune is what struck me at first - on hearing it I wanted to learn what all those weird phrases and terms meant. I remember it being a claustraphobic, orwellian world, yet the characters all posessed an independent spirit, bending the rules somewhat.

I remember seeing an episode in which a young boy (Brat?) assists Luna in some kind of game of tennis, with a remote controller for her arm, I believe. It was this huge, obscene silver arm sticking up from a box, and moving it caused Luna's arm to move, much to her irritation.

That sounds like it might have been "It Isn't How You Vict or Slunk But How You Co-participate" - felice

Incidentally, I believe "Red Dwarf" copied this idea in Season 5 Episode 5, "Demons and Angels", with some evil characters making a remote controller device for Lister.

Mark Green (mark * - 26 October 2001

Well, there was a very brief clip of Luna on a before-they-were-famous show over here in the UK, which included Patsy saying ".. I hope you won't mind having kind of a big sister.. besides, I am a class one laser-blazer-phaser champion!" The voice she says it in (think of a little kid saying "really, really, REALLY big!") made me break down laughing.. :)

If Luna was a comedy, it surely was dark.. let's see, the first episode has a girl who's going to be executed (!) for losing her citizen's ID card (!!), and she's going to be executed by being put in the garbage disposal (!!!!).

Anyway, since we have this message board handy, how about we try and cobble back together a techno-talk dictionary from people's memories? (I remember a bunch of people who used to talk that way at school..) I'll kick off.

Oh, and I remember one episode where Luna and the others were sitting cross-legged in the middle of the habiviron singing "We shall not be moved". The bureaubeing locked them in some kind of paralyzing beam.. THE GOVERNMENT INSTALLS PARALYZING BEAMS IN PEOPLE'S HOUSES FOR POLICE USE!! DYSTOPIA OR WHAT!?

Heather - 22 October 2001

I remember being about 10 or 11 when _Luna_ was shown on New Zealand television, in the early afternoons. I remember being enchanted by the bizarre futuristic dialogue and the concept of children being born without parents. (For several reasons I suppose that might have appealed to me...) I also remember explaining to my younger brother that, yes, it was supposed to be a comedy: but in the absence of a laugh-track, he replied confusedly, how would you know when something was supposed to be funny? Which says a lot for the standards of television humour, I think.

Reading the lyrics of the theme song on this site, I felt a shiver of recognition for something that I used to really enjoy a long time ago and which I thought everyone in the world had forgotten.

Felice - 22 October 2001

For some reason my clearest recollection of the series is Gramps sadly looking out a window at the world beyond the Efficiecity, remembering his youth when people could actually live out there. Aside from that, I have strong impressions of the series, but I can't recall specific scenes. did Mother (a computer?) announce messages with "Bing bong!"? Did the family pet (was that Jazzmine?) make a sort of weird meeping sound? However vague my memories, I definitely enjoyed the show greatly as a child - it was something unique.

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