Technotalk Dictionary

A guide to the language of the future.

[A - C] [D - H] [L - R] [S - Z]

A - C

Additional Munch Requirements (n)
Second helping at a munch, eg "may I have additional munch requirements, please?"
Affirm/Affirmative (ex)
Aftermunch (n)
Allocation of tocks (n)
Turn, eg "it's my allocation of tocks now".
Apolies (n)
Assimilate (v)
Batch change (n)
The assignment of a new batch and colour to a diminibeing, to keep track of batch day.
Batch code (n)
The part of a batched being's coded reference logic that indicates day of batching. It is used somewhat like a surname.
Batch day (n)
Date of batching; the equivalent of a birthday. The children of the future are batched rather than born.
Blooping (adj)
Not good/disliked (slang).
Botanical Bloom (n)
Bureaubeing (n)
An administrator responsible for day-to-day operations of a sector of the Efficiecity, with the assistance of a secretary. A bureaubeing may have other responsibilities, such as coaching a pedeospherical team.
Bureaubots/Bureaubottles (n)
Police robots.
Bureaubureau (n)
A higher level of the bureaucracy to which bureauoffices are answerable.
Bureaufficence (n)
Respectful form of address for bureaubeings.
Bureauoffice (n)
Administrative centre for a sector, run by a bureaubeing. 80H runs the bureauoffice for sector 8-0.
Citbeing (n)
Cheery-ok (ex)
Goodbye (slang) - pronounced "cheery-oke".
Cladalogue (n)
A device containing a catalogue of clad designs. When plugged in, the habiputer can alter a mirror image to simulate how the clads will look when worn.
Clad credits (n)
Required for obtaining clads. Their allocation is regulated by the bureaubeing.
Clads (n)
Clamjammers (n)
Clunk (n)
Junk, unwanted or obsolete items.
Clunkate/Clunk (v)
To dispose of as junk.
Coded Reference Logic (n)
The identification numbers that have replaced names, such as 72 Batch 19Y or CB1979D.
Compatibeing (n)
Spouse, or at least partner in whatever substitute for marriage now exists.
Conject (v)
Conjuecture, suppose.
Contact Request (n)
A summons from a bureaubeing.
Cosmos (n)
Used in place of "god" in expressions like "gratitudes cosmos".
Costly (n)
Dear - as a term of endearment, or "oh dear".
Cronie (n)
Senior materbeing, old woman (slang).
Crotchety (n)
Senior paterbeing, old man (slang).
Curved Aural Functions (adj)
Unable to hear straigt.

D - H

Dentalrental (n)
Destitime (n)
Time of arrival.
Dextrous Forelimb Terminal (n)
Digitime Scanner (n)
Diminibeing (n)
A child. Sometimes shortened to just "dimini".
Diminicolony (n)
The place where diminibeings are raised before being assigned to a habiviron or otherwise redistributed. It probably bears some resemblance to a boarding school.
Disk (n)
Domicile (n)
Another word for habiviron.
Eduviron (n)
Where diminibeings are educated, probably after leaving the dimini colony.
Efficiebeing (n)
Resident of the Efficiecity.
Efficiecenter (n)
A public computer terminal much like a habiputer, offering various services including transitization and molecular realization.
Egothenticity Card (n)
The universal identity card which must be kept at all times by citizens of the Efficiecity. It looks like a circuit board, and stores all details medical, ethical, sophical, physical, and logical for a being. The card has on board processing ability, which amongst other things enables it to compute appropriate redistribution for diminis leaving their diminicolony. Diminibeings are issued with their egothenticity cards upon leaving.
Emergibleeper (n)
Erroneously Mislaid (adj)
Entry Port (n)
Front door, arrival and departure platform for transitization.
Exuded Moisture (n)
Facilator (n)
Grooming machine - cleans teeth, applies makeup, and styles hair.
Fangquack (n)
Dentist (slang).
Far Studies (n)
Geography lessons.
Feloniously Misappropriated (adj)
Finger Sensitouchpad (n)
Goo (n)
The nutritious substances which habivirons provide for the nourishment of the inhabitants. Includes greens (packed with nutrition), pinks, and yellows.
Grade (n)
A measure of seniority/rank that goes up to at least three, eg "she's a grade 2 mediobeing".
Gratitudes (ex)
Thank you.
Gummie (n)
Being who has lost their natural teeth (slang).
Habiprac (n)
Habiputer (n)
The sentient computer in charge of a habiviron, eg Jo-Y's Mother.
Habiviron (n)
An apartment for a unit group. Habiviron Jo-Y, which is probably typical in design if nothing else, consists of an large open communal space, and private limbs for each being. Habivrons are run by a computer, and are assigned an android habiwarden.
Habiwarden (n)
An android which looks after a habiviron and its occupants, performing physical tasks which are beyond the abilities of the habiputer.
Heargear (n)
Infogive (n)
Update, status report. Mother provides Andy with a daily infogive during sunstart.
Intertalk (n)
Jumpclad (n)
The indestructible, self-cleaning garment worn by diminibeings. Comes in male and female styles.

L - R

Limb (n)
A room. Habivirons have sleeping limbs, for example.
Luneday (n)
Malpurposing (n)
Megadecibels (adj)
Very loud.
Mixing (n)
Part of the batching process, probably conception.
Molecular Realization (n)
The process of constructing a physical object out of thin air, which functions much like Star Trek's replicators. An Efficiecenter is able to create an egothenticity card in this manner.
Munch (n)
A meal, particularly lunch (cv aftermunch). Firstmunch is breakfast, and thirdmunch is dinner. All munchs consist of goo and/or munch pills.
Munch Pill (n)
One of the main components of habiviron meals. They come in several varieties, including greens.
Munchdisk (n)
Neg/Negative (ex)
Non-ok (ex)
Bad, displeasing - pronunced non-oke.
Numeracy (n)
The use of coded reference logic. Beings are supposed to conform to numeracy instead of using oldworld names.
Obliviate (v)
To destroy. Bureaus are equipped with obliviators for disposal of waste - including any beings who are unable to show their egothenticity card upon demand. Fortunately, obliviators can be unreliable.
Ok (ex)
Good, okay - pronunced oke.
Oldworld (adj)
Relating to pre-numeracy, such as names, obsolete social structures, and antiques like teapots.
Optics (n)
Pedeospherical (adj)
Relating to football - both the game and the sphere it's played with. Eg "pedeospherical team".
Planesphere (n)
The Earth.
Pleadings (ex)
Port (v)
Come, go, move, eg "port yourself over here for a tick".
Print (v)
Go ahead, begin.
Probings (n)
Reestablish Existence Patterns (ex)
Carry on.
Regrets (ex)
Release Me (ex)
"May I be excused?"
Requiform/Requi (v)
To make a request via a form, eg for a replacement for broken equipment.
Response Codes (n)
The codes a habiputer is programmed to respond to. "Mother" is not one of them.
Restate (n)
Verbal repetition, eg "do you require restate of info?".
Revovle (n)
Time of year, eg "I always have a batch change at this revolve".
Roid (n)
Android (slang).

S - Z

Saturtock (n)
See You Over (ex)
Sit (n)
A chair.
Squirt (n)
Nutritional liquid, available in multiple flavours including orange.
Stroke Execution Apparatus (n)
Rowing machine, for exercising.
Sunstart (n)
Morning. Often used as a shortened form of the standard morning greating "efficient sunstart".
Tack (n)
A unit of time, maybe equivalent to a second. Or a day (ep 1.4).
Tackit (n)
A unit of time. According to the Lunatune, 72 Batch 19Y was batched a trillion tackits ago, but it's not clear what temporal perspective it is written from. If she was batched a trillion tackits before the start of the show, then a tackit is somewhat less than half a millisecond.
Tedium Oriented
Tick (n)
A unit of time. Probably a minute, or at least of that order of magnitude.
Tiny Cat
Small tracked moon surface vehicle. Unlikely to be furry.
Tock (n)
Formally, a unit of time probably equal to an hour. However, it is also used to substitute for the word "time" (eg "it's tocks for firstmunch" or "If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred tocks"), and in casual use can mean any amount of time from seconds to years ("I'll be there in a tock", "I did that yestertock"). If used with a number, the formal value probably applies. Depending on context, "9 tocks" could mean "9 hours" or "9 o'clock".
Tock End (n)
The end of the day.
Tocks of Lightlessness (n)
To Capacity (ex)
Full, fed up, either literally or metaphorically, eg "I'm to capacity with you, young man!"
Transitization (n)
A form of teleportation in wide use. Transitizing is the standard means of access to a habiviron.
Tweak (n)
Small amount, a bit.
Ultimate (adj)
Ultra (adj)
Very, eg "that's ultra-ok!" means "that's great!"
Unit Group (n)
The residents of a habiviron; functionally equivalent to a family.
Vacatocks (n)
Vacation, holiday.
Vend (v)
Velocipedal Apparatus (n)
Visitation (n)
An official visit, such as a bureaubeing inspection of a habiviron.
Yestertock (n)
Yonk (n)
A unit of time, probably on the order of a week or a month. Getting a new chair takes at least 5 yonks.
Zipclad (n)